• iAdvisor offers 28 portfolios representing diverse investment themes
  • iAdvisor portfolios contain securities listed in different countries
  • In June 2015 a portfolio of 14 SGX-listed REITS and property stocks was successfully executed on iAdvisor

Singapore 19th April 2017 — Jachin Capital Pte Ltd, a home-grown independent fund manager, is pleased to announce that it has received a Capital Markets Services Licence from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. With the licence, Jachin Capital can now offer its digital investing platform – iAdvisor – to all accredited investors in Singapore.

Starting from an investment theme or idea, Jachin Capital constructs portfolios based on a transparent rules-based framework. The portfolios are regularly reviewed and re-balanced. If you think the Chinese on-line consumer represents the wave of the future, you can invest in the “China Online US” portfolio and at the click of a button, you are investing in a basket of 20 US-listed internet-related stocks domiciled in China such as Alibaba and Baidu. Or, if you are looking for dividend yield in Singapore, you can invest in Jachin Capital’s “SMART Real Estate Singapore” portfolio. This presently gives you an annual dividend yield of 5%.

Currently, iAdvisor boasts 28 portfolios with investment themes ranging from banking to Fourth Industrial Revolution themes like cyber security, robotics and driverless cars. The underlying baskets for each theme are stocks listed in five countries. The ability to invest directly in listed stocks in different countries is iAdvisor’s unique feature. This platform has been used by Jachin Capital for almost two years to manage its clients’ investments and has proven to be robust and resilient.

Joyce Woo, founder and CEO of Jachin Capital said: “We are pleased that the Monetary Authority of Singapore has approved our application for a Capital Markets Services Licence to offer our iAdvisor platform in Singapore. We started our journey in 2014 with the belief that investors should have an efficient way of investing directly in the underlying stocks when they want to put their money into an investment idea. We also believe that investors should be empowered by knowledge. Thus, iAdvisor provides investors with 24/7 access to everything they need to know about their portfolios such as risk indicators, performance metrics and P&L.

“We are also glad to contribute to Singapore’s exciting, evolving fintech sector,’’ added Joyce, who honed her 31-year banking career mostly in private banking.

iAdvisor was developed in collaboration with Hong Kong-based B2B fintech firm Quantifeed. Established in 2013, Quantifeed is a leading provider of digital wealth management solutions in Asia Pacific, with clients in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Quantifeed CEO and co-founder, Alex Ypsilanti, said: “Wealth management is rapidly progressing towards a more digital future and Quantifeed is at the forefront of this movement. Jachin Capital uses our technology and portfolio expertise to provide an engaging and personalised online investment experience to customers. Our partnership enables Jachin Capital to deliver wealth management at an affordable price and be a digital leader in the market.”

iAdvisor’s features:

Investors can choose the portfolios to invest in

Expert Management
Portfolios are constructed by the manager based on a transparent rules-based framework and regularly reviewed and rebalanced

Efficient Investing
At the click of a button, investors invest in the underlying securities that make up a portfolio Informed Investors know what securities they have invested in and can monitor the risk and performance of the portfolio

Access anytime, anywhere and on any device

Low minimum investment thresholds and reduced fees

About Jachin Capital Pte Ltd
Jachin Capital is a local independent fund manager with an intuitively easy-to-use digital investing platform, iAdvisor. The Capital Markets Services Licence issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in April 2017 builds on Jachin Capital’s track record as the company is now able to offer fund management services to all accredited investors. Jachin Capital offers investment management solutions on a discretionary and non- discretionary basis to accredited investors and private family offices based in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific.

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